Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Join The Cash Mob Movement - Giving Is Living

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Being someone that loves to give and do for others and knowing not everyone has the financial means to give a lot financially, I devised a plan that involved getting a lot to give a little. This is a way that all can be a part of something great, experience the feeling of giving freely with no expectations in return and do it without breaking the bank and I have deemed it the Cash Mob or #CashMob. This is NOT where a group goes out and spends money at a particular place, this is where we go out and give away COLD, HARD CASH!!!

We have started the movement and
we challenge you to help us continue it. While we did launch it at Christmas time, please note that we purposely DID NOT brand it as a Christmas Cash Mob but rather just a Cash Mob so that it can be done at any time throughout the year.  #GivingisLiving

What is a Cash Mob? Well it was just an idea at first and here is the early beginnings of the idea...

Then it evolved to this...

And here was the first EVER executed CASH MOB on 12/22/16. ENJOY!

Already the ripple effect has begun. Just 24 hours after we launched our video, a #CashMob popped up in Melbourne FL. Check it out HERE

WCCB Charlotte picked it up on 12/23/16 and did this story HERE

The local newspaper, Gaston Gazette, picked up our #CashMob and wrote about it. Read it HERE

Just today (12/27/16), we interviewed on WCNC NBC Charlotte for our #CashMob. Check out their story HERE

So here's our challenge to you...Put together a group of people (I went to the people of my church) and go out into your community and do your very own #CashMob. Video it and post it with the hashtag #Cashmob then inbox us the link to where you have it posted (make sure it's posted as a PUBLIC video) and we will add your video link to this page for all to see.
Inbox your video link to The Conservative Entrepreneur facebook page HERE

Lets make 2017 the Year of giving with the #CashMob!!

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