Monday, December 26, 2016

A Christmas Miracle From Faith in God's Grace

A few months ago, just before the election, I got connected on facebook with a high energy, Trump loving, God loving, Conservative Mom and wife named Claire. Before the election we were just facebook friends with one thing in common...Make America Great Again, then after the election was over, as is true with many, her facebook posts were less about politics and more about her everyday life. It was all normal stuff that we all post about on a daily basis and then one day she made a post about her daughter Madison, who, unknowingly to me up until this point, has been fighting
cancer. Learning this on facebook through a post was like a POW punch in the gut for me.

Madison is only 16 years old and even though I am a complete stranger to her and her to me, I felt the pain of what her and her mother (and I am sure her father & siblings too) were going through. I have a daughter myself, 14 years of age, and all I could think about is how I would be handling such a situation. It's a thought I could not even bare to think to be honest. I immediately began Thanking God for our Blessings and asking him to help heal Madison and her family.

This is Madison

Her AMAZING Faith in God's power was something to see. So important, in fact, that I grabbed these screenshots so you could see for yourself how unwavering she was to her Faith in God as they embarked on this terrifying journey. You will feel her pain and joy. Pay attention to the dates as all of this went right into Christmas...

Through everything, she continued to pray for others too

She praised her daughters strength

I think she had just cause to

And then this happened in the middle of it all

And then this...

And this sad anniversary was in the middle of all of this too

Justified I'd say

And how about this. :) 

Just more to bare 

Yet she continues to Praise His name

Through everything she continues to Pray for others

Lets not forget Christmas is upon them

Affirmations never hurt. ;) 

Thankful through everything

And then this morning, the day after Christmas, I see she has this posted...

To me, this is nothing short of a Christmas Miracle but one, that I believe, happened because no matter how awful things seem to have gotten, she never once wavered, she never once put Him down, cursed His name or lost any Faith. She stood Fast to His teachings and promises and another Miracle He performed. What she may not realize is how far and wide that Miracle will spread into the hearts and minds of others, as it did mine. 

We recently went out and did a Cash Mob for total strangers, not knowing anything about where they are in life and it was AMAZING so I would like to propose a virtual Cash Mob for Claire, Madison and their family. If you would like to chip in, whatever you can as a lot of people doing a little bit can go a very long way (our Cash Mob was only $5 each and what an impact we made), you can do so right here. I hope God puts it on your heart, after reading this, to do a little something. 

Take the time to share this story of commitment, decision, Faith and God. It will certainly bless someone that see's it when you do. 

Thanks for reading and (in my Tiny Tim voice) Merry Christmas Every One!

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