Sunday, January 8, 2017

Can I Beat Diabetes Naturally? You Bet I Will!

I will be updating this article frequently with my results.

In case you missed it, let me bring you up to speed with the short version. This past Tuesday, after dealing with several different symptoms (constant urination, deteriorating eyesight, and the loss of 45lbs in 2 weeks in the middle of the holidays),
it came to my attention that I was having a blood sugar issue. Now I am not a "Go To The Doctor" kind of guy, so after piecing together some of the symptoms that pointed to diabetes, I went and bought a Glucose Meter (who knew you could just go buy one at the drugstore?) and checked my blood sugar. Tuesday night it was 360 and, apparently, 80 to 120 is normal or acceptable. Problem Identified!

Now I know what the problem is so how am I going to handle it and what am I going to do? Two things that I fell back on right away were...

...1) Figure out the problem but focus on the solution.
...2) God has provided us with all the plants, seeds and oils we need to heal.

 Let the learning begin! I immediately started researching diabetes, foods, sugars, starches/carbs etc, by talking to other diabetics, reading online articles, talking with nurses I know and consulting with Naturalists. Armed with some basic knowledge I started the Trial & Error processes.

Step 1...Stop eating anything WHITE (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice etc) with some exception and no more sugar (coffee just isn't the same. lol)

Step 2...Exercise DAILY! Get that heart rate up for at least 20 minutes a day. For me, an easy start has been walking. So far I have walked at least 1.2 miles a day which is way more walking than I have done over the last 20 years.

Step 3...Lots of water! The cool thing is that just a couple of months ago I purchased an Alkaline water machine and as it turns out this can also be very beneficial for diabetes.

Here are some things I have learned through my studies and my Trial & Error process.

1) For me, cutting out all carbs was less beneficial than having some carbs. The first two days I ate ZERO carbs and while my blood sugar level did decrease some it was slow going but on the night of the 2nd day, I ate like 7 potato chips and, at my amazement, the next morning my blood sugar had dropped to a 3 day low. My hypothesis for this is that with ZERO carbs my body had no reason to produce any insulin but by adding a few carbs, it reactivated my pancreas to produce insulin again.

2) A nurse friend of mine explained to me that glucose is very thick, like having a thick syrup in my blood, and ultimately what I needed to do was thin it down and it will take a little time to do that. This example really helped me because my body was talking to me and I was almost craving vinegar but couldn't understand why. Come to find out, that apple cider vinegar will actually help this process come to fruition. I did drink one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and man, that was rough. lol. Then my Dad, who is also a diabetic, told me you can buy apple cider vinegar pills. Well Hallelujah!! So now I have and have been taking those.

3) There are still a lot of good foods that I can eat. Basically all meats (which is good because I am a carnivore), cheeses, veggies and some fruits (apples for example, have some natural sugars but lots of protein and proteins are good). So this change is not as difficult, so far, as I thought it would be.

4) Breads seem to be the worst carbs for me. On Saturday early afternoon, for my Trial & Error process, I ate a sub sandwich on wheat bread and as I was eating it I broke out in a sweat so I didn't even finish it. My wife said my face got red and everything. A couple hours after that I tested my blood sugar and it was THROUGH THE ROOF! Higher than it was even at the beginning at a whopping 421. :( But then this morning, Sunday (the day I am typing this) I woke up to an all time low (since I have been doing this) to a blood sugar level of 245. This supports my hypothesis mention in #1 above.

5) It takes a team. One thing that I have on my side is my wife and daughter. They have been amazing support over the last week. My wife has made sure to feed me, good foods, several times a day now (this is NOT the usual for her. lol) and she has been walking with me each day as well. My daughter has been a great cheerleader and has been good NOT to offer me portions or even a bite of things she is eating that she now knows I shouldn't be eating.

6) You can SHOCK your system into a diabetic state (which is exactly what I think I did). My absolute favorite soft drink is Mtn Dew and while I typically regulate myself from drinking too many, I went off the deep end with them in December and through the holidays. I was drinking at least 2 (20oz) bottles of Mtn Dew every day and, looking back, this is when all my symptoms began. So with a month of inadvertently poisoning my system, it makes sense to me that it can't be fixed in a day. It will take a little time and I now understand that.

It's been said that we dig our graves with our teeth and today I understand that saying better than ever before. One thing that is quite ironic is that when I set my 2017 goals (before I became aware of my situation), my very first goal said "I will eat to live not live to eat in 2017" and then this happened. If you ever had any doubt that writing your goals down doesn't make a difference, well, I beg to differ.

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With God ALL things are possible!

Stay Focused & Feel Good
The Conservative Entrepreneur


  1. Congratulations on taking charge of your health! I am also taking charge by exercising more (a work out program I got from an ex). I have cut my soda intake to 1 per day and I'm going to follow your suggestion on white bread. I have found that I prefer Sugar In The Raw (all natural) over white sugar in my coffee. My goal is to become my ideal weight of 175 lbs since I want to add some muscle mass to my body. Thanks for sharing your story, it is an inspiration to all!

  2. Stay away from drugs. seek alternative medicine. I have a practitioner who has helped people get rid of diabetes.